July 26, 2019

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Why make a healthier you seem complicated?

I know you seen that title, Steps to a Healthier You!

Well, guess what? Here are my 2 steps for beginning the process to a healthier you.

Do you think of people like me are crazy or cocky for saying I am addicted to working out? How I can’t go too long without a workout?

I may be crazy, but I am far from cocky. Nope, my secret is I changed my mindset and outlook on fitness. Did it happen over night? Heck no!

I went from a 15-year-old girl running 2-3 miles a few times a week to a 27-year-old slowly incorporating weights. Somewhere after 27, I took a huge leap to do anything I could try. I took classes, spent hours on Pinterest and googling ideas for my next workout, and following fitness blogs and Instagrams.

However, when I hit that stage at 27 of wanting to explore more fitness outlets, I still struggled to change my mindset. I remember trying burpees at one point and I couldn’t do more than 3. I felt like a failure and thought about how I could never imagine doing 10. I wanted to avoid the things that seemed impossible, hard or well scary.

I could have made excuses, but I knew I needed to challenge myself if I wanted to have a continuous change in my body, my strength and mental capability. So, I made the goal to do 20 burpees. When I look back, that was one of my hardest goals to achieve and it took time. 

Every time I am in Chattanooga, I see this Marine’s billboard. I love it! I need it posted in my house to remind myself every day that I am the only one holding myself back. If I listen to the I can’ts then I will never have the chance to experience the emotions of triumph.

That leads to the next step #2: make small, realistic goals for yourself. Wait, what? The most important part of that is I said for YOURSELF. You can’t change your mindset if you aren’t doing this fully for yourself. You aren’t in competition with anyone else but YOU.

You have to see yourself as the obstacle, you have to overcome your past self to make a better you. Start small with your goals, because if you make too large of expectations, your mindset and/or body isn’t at that level to achieve them. Your picturing instant perfection, and when a few failures hit and your perfect image is smashed, you may quit.

Here’s my example of when I struggled with my past self and having to lower my expectations because life became difficult.

When my 3rd child was about 4 months old we moved over an hour away to a new house. Let me give you my list of how life got hard and the possible whys of how I could have quit working out:

  1. No local gym with childcare
  2. It was summertime-kids home all day
  3. I had a 4 month old baby
  4. Sleep deprived
  5. Breast feeding issues
  6. Unpacking a new house
  7. Fix issues at new house
  8. A Sick dog
  9. New town-knew no one or anything about it
  10. Depressed

I was struggling, but I refused to let that list stop me. My mindset knew the importance of my fitness. Plus I knew an important fact:

You’re welcome, husband!

Ok, back to the serious stuff.

I set a goal to workout 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I had to transit to working out at home during nap times, so I had to learn to be more flexible. I think that was the hardest step.

I chose less strenuous workouts for those days I felt like I had no energy to give, but I still did something. Other days, I did HIIT workouts to rebuild my cardiovascular threshold, I chose to build my muscular endurance over strength since I had to adapt to a home gym with less equipment.

I am 32 years old and I know this process is ever going. I will never stop my desire to reach new fitness goals because now it’s ingrained in me, but I will have times where life is hard, and things will change. But I have overcome my own mental battles of wanting to allow defeat, and I have proved that I AM STRONGER than my past self.

You will be too! If today is day 1 of your fitness journey, remember it’s hard today, but years down the road, the new you will shock you. You are on this journey to not only change physically but mentally.

Now for my new jam for getting into the workout mindset is Fitness by Lizzo.

Disclaimer: explicit language in the song

February 20, 2020

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I cried at Costco

Yep, I am proudly telling the story of me crying at Costco Customer Service.

Let me give a little back story. Throughout my childhood, I struggled with understanding my emotions. If I showed them, then they wrong, but if I didn’t I was wrong too.

This of course manifested into anxiety. For most of my life, I tried to hide my emotions because thats always the safe route You know, stuff down inside and rush to bathroom to cry alone person.

For years, I have been on the road of self-healing. I am and will continue to eliminate this part of me, but sometimes she still overpowers me and it sucks.

Leading up to my Costco moment, I had been sick from January to early February. I had bronchitis, the stomach bug and a head cold. I was mentally, physically and emotionally worn out.

I could tell my anxiety was slowing rising. I was having trouble hushing the negative thoughts and my will power was slipping.

It’s like I was one a room with a person who is telling you everything bad about yourself—like a mantra she keeps chanting. At first, she takes breaks and the mantra isn’t constant. Then I make the mistake of shutting the door to the room, and the mantra turns into a constant chant that I can’t escape.

Okay back to the story. Our TV messed up that we had bought from Costco. It was under warranty so my husband calls customer service to get it fixed. They tell him that they don’t think it was fixable, so to bring it to Costco for an exchange. Seemed simple enough, so I volunteer to take it.

I get to Costco (btw it’s an hour drive for me), I freeze while loading the TV on a flat cart. I make my way to customer service, tell the customer service guy the issue/what we were told, and he looks at me like I am liar and states “technical support never does this, are you sure?” and “where is the stand? We can’t take it without the stand.”

Well no, because I didn’t talk to customer service, my husband did and he also loaded the equipment in the car, so I guess no stand. I can feel my anxiety beast rising inside me.

He calls his manager and I call my husband. After what felt like forever, I am told that they will take the TV, give us a refund, but if we don’t bring the stand back we will loose our Costco membership and not let back.

I wish normal me had control because I would had said thats stupid to kick me out of Costco for this. Isn’t a better option to deduct from our refund the missing stand? Also you’re willing to lose a customer who spends way too much money at your store over this?

Guess what ladies and gentlemen, nope I lost it. I started crying, asked for my card back and said I would keep the TV because I wasn’t been banned from Costco. I have to say, I smile now thinking of those two men with “oh shit” looks on their faces when I started crying.

They then informed that I will not lose my membership only have a note on my account…I am still unsure of that means. I had no control over my mind at this moment, my logic wasn’t working.

I felt ashamed of how I cried, how I lost control of my emotions, of how I didn’t respond the smart, correct way I wish I had.

That was two days ago, and I am not ashamed anymore. It happened. I don’t want pity. I needed that weak moment, in a public establishment among strangers to make me realize huge things.


2: It’s okay to show feelings. I am in control of ME. These are my feelings, no one else gets to tell me I am wrong unless I invite them too. I had allowed everyone to tell me about ME, it stops now.

#3: I don’t need outside influences to approve of me.


I am imperfect and my mistakes are only lessons, not something that defines me.

Next time, you are suffering anxiety or lose it public, remember you aren’t alone and it does NOT define you!

January 2, 2020

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Food, I see you judging me

“Gosh, I really wants a burger, but then what will my friends think of me.”

“He ordered two desserts for himself?”

“I love bread, but carbs are bad.”

“I am on a diet. I don’t eat candy anymore.”—quote from 7-year old son.

From an early age, we are taught to be hyperaware of food. We are taught to feel guilty when consuming “bad” food, judge others for either being unhealthy or even healthy, and worse food is constantly around us.

In my opinion, I think the issue with hyperawareness of food is because food is easily available, but most of it isn’t real food.

Our grocery stores have grown in size over the decades. The largest part of a grocery store is the center aisle and they are stocked with processed, convenient food.

By the way, as a kid, my favorite aisle was the cereal aisle. All the bright cartoon boxes with games on the back, filled with sugary tiny bites of goodness. Then you take home the cereal and add my sugar to it, because that makes it even better.

Why have these products places a shadow on the natural food from our planet?

Answer: fats, sugars and salt

Dopamine is realesed into our system when we eat things high in sugar, salt or fat. Thus we experience the “happy chemicals” that create a pathway in our brain, resulting in a habit that leads to addiction. Hence why we usual crave chips over an apple.

There is a show on the Food Network Channel called The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I’ve watched that show a few times, I cannot recall them talking about a bowl of fruit or vegetables as their favoriate food.

Now think about the best thing you ever ate? What is it?

My item was fruit crisp: apples, blueberries and pomegranates, topped with a buttery, salty oatmeal crumble and then topped with homemade maple ice cream. Sure it had fruit in it, but the fruit wasn’t what makes it stand out in my mind. It was the perfect mixture of salt, fat and sugar that left an impact in my memory.

I am a sucker for good french fries—Lose all self-control and ordered a second batch of those greasy, salty crunchy yumminess. French fries are my addiction. I want them all to myself, but I also want to share my joyful experience with you by ordering your own.

Can I describe an apple like that or what about broccoli? I would’t suggest someone to order the side of broccoli because it would blow your mind. It just doesn’t release that same immense pleasure I have recalling those indulgences.

This is because I have an addiction. We all do. Our addiction is to fake food, sweet food, fatty food and salty food.

The worst part is how we support or promote each others addiction. Have you ever felt pressured to eat something by other people or the media? I have! Lets be honest, no one wants to indulge in their addiction alone.

We are in epidmic, but how society views correct treatment isn’t helping.

Dieting-that’s the word used daily to talk about how to solve our food addictions. I loathe the word diet.

The “dieting” industry continues to make billions and new “diets” are constantly circulating, because “dieting” is only allowing yourself to stay focused on the judgmental aspects of food.

Instead of dieting, how about we focus on mindful eating.

Compare the words associated with dieting vs. mindful eating:


Willpower, cultural conformity, external cues, weight loss, avoidance, rigid, counting calories, deprivation, quick fixes, fight food, trapped

Mindful Eating

Trust, individual empowerment, internal cures, health enhancement, acceptance, quality calories, flexible, satisfaction, lifestyle, celebrate food, liberation

Now compare how we treat ourselves when dieting vs. mindful eating.

Dieting mindset: wants a cookie. Eats a cookie. Feels guilty for eating a “bad” food.

Mindful eating mindset: wants a cookie. Eats a cookies. Feels happy and satisfied.

The issue is that we need to learn to take back control. To realize that our hormones and our brain is against us. You hate eating healthy because your brain says it taste disgusting or its too bland.

However the first step is to replace our wording and outlook about food. Find your missing inner control over food. Start slow with learning to satisfy ourselves but sticking to a small amount. Teaching yourself the internal cues that you’ve had enough. Learning that you ARE in control.

You want that small piece of chocolate, okay have a small piece. Enjoy that first bite that causing the full of the rush of dopamine. However remember that you’re in control and eating more chocolate doesn’t release more dopamine, and lets be honest, the first bite is always to best.

Let’s stop this judgmental mindset towards food and thus others.

Girl, enjoy that salad! Don’t allow others to judge you for being too healthy or nor partaking in the junk food.

BUT enjoy that ice cream and don’t ever judge yourself or feel quilty for it either.

Learn to love whole foods and the beauty in how our Earth provides our body with the nutrition it needs to survive. Learn to love yourself and find your inner badass to overcome our addiction and find your path of mindful eating.

You are worthy of a body you love, you deserve a healthy life, you are enough.

November 18, 2019

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Treasure Yourself

As a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor I have repeatedly heard how I can’t understand their struggles because I’ve always been skinning.

I don’t disagree. I can’t understand the process of losing 20 plus pounds. I can’t understand the issue of easily gaining weight, and even harder to lose the weight. God made me different, but that doesn’t mean its been easy for me for my own health and fitness journey.

Sure I have a high metabolism and I ‘ve been “skinny” most of my life. But that doesn’t mean I was healthy or fit. Plus I hate the word skinny. Skinny denotes the idea of heathy or a nice body. And I disagree.


In the picture above, I see a mom who is at a healthy weight, but someone with rounded shoulder and no upper body strength. I felt weak, I dealt with neck pain and I had no clue why.

My health journey didn’t happen overnight nor was it easy. The last 15-years I have been slowly learning about nutrition, growing in my fitness abilities and skills, and learning about myself.

Our society tells us that skinny is healthy and I believed it for years. I thought I didn’t need to workout or watch my eating too much because I was skinny. Then after my first baby was born, I realized that I needed to do more than walk/run. The issue wasn’t the number on the scale being too high, but it was too low. I had lost weight and thus I had lost muscle.

I started going to the gym and I still focused on cardio. I was raised to believe that lifting weights weren’t for ladies. But when I realized that couldn’t do a push-up, that my lunges were shaky and gosh, I couldn’t do more than 3 burpees that I needed to change my routine and outlook.

So I nervously entered the weight area. I was unbalanced with horrible form. Plus I couldn’t lift heavier than 8 pounds. The worst part was my anixety causing me to struggle to go out of my comfort zone.

I had a hard journey, but no one sees it. I understand that when you are in mist of beginning your new healthier lifestyle, it’s hard. You may want to resent those who are able to do things you can’t, but remember they all started from square one too.

I no longer see a “skinny” person and think they are healthy based on the fact that they aren’t overweight. If you’re exercising, changing your eating habits, working on your personal self and you feel good then guess what? You are kicking ass! This day, week or month may be a struggle, but the results are worth the pain.

Also I want to share that these past two years have been a hard journey. Before I became pregnant with our 3rd kid, I was at the top of my fitness game. I was feeling great and loving my results. Then I became pregnant and I felt like all that hard work went down the drain.

2017 maybe a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant

I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get back to this body or fitness level. I didn’t quit though. I worked out and taught fitness classes until the week I gave birth. It wasn’t easy but it paid off.

I was maybe 34 weeks pregnant

Maybe I didn’t bounce right back post baby, but I am proud to say I didn’t look bad either.

4 Months post-partum

I treasure myself for my hard work and determination. I fail, I struggle and I am far from perfect.

Never underestimate a person because of their outward body or society’s predosposed beliefs. We can learn something for everyone. I am always open for you to teach me, but don’t assume you know my past.

October 21, 2019

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Kansas City Hotel Workout

This was our 7th year attending the International Lineman’s Rodeo in Kansas City as a family.

My oldest son watching the Speed Climbs

Over the 7 years we have gone from having 1 kid to 3 kids. You may think that after 7-years I would have the trip down, but it’s not typical Kimberly fashion to remember everything or to come 100% prepared. Each year we may have a little stress, but we have a lot of fun.

The one thing I do have down is my quick, in the hotel room with kids workout. I usually bring my mini bands, but I forgot those this year so I did body weight exercises instead.

Quick side note. I did get the chance to check out the hotel gym and they had a Peloton Bike. I have never taken a spin class…never seemed like my cup of tea, but now I want to do more. It kicked my butt or better put my legs. Whoosh, I had trouble keeping up with the cadence.

Now back to the hotel room workout. I didn’t want to think too much about counting reps with kids bouncing off the bed and I needed something fast paced, so I chose to cut a Tabata in half (4-Rounds).

Here is my exact workout I did:

Round 4:

Lizard Hops are extremely hard, but can be modified. You can eliminate the push-ups and stay in full plank, only alternating your legs. In addition, you don’t have to hop, but can step your legs out to your hands.

By Fit Ninja

I finished my workout, stretched and then took the kiddos swimming.

Even on a mini vacation, sometimes a quick workout can give me the energy I need to continue the fun.


Happy Monday and remember:

Your life is good, don’t look back, keep your eyes forward and it’s time to CRUSH your goals!

October 13, 2019


Facing the harsh facts

All week, I’ve felt God placing on my mind to write more about my journey and how one simple, yet enormous change in myself, changed everything for me. Honestly, I’ve pushed it off because of the endless to-do list and simply unsure how to say it.

Then today at church our preacher told something about excerpt from the Lord’s Prayer that if I was a loud, extrovert I would have jumped up and yelled hallelujah!

Our preacher said that it doesn’t say weekly or occasional bread, but that God wants us to turn to Him DAILY!

At that moment in church, I wanted to start writing this blog entry because I kne God saying for me stop making excuses and to do it now.

In the past I kept a safe distance from God. I believed in God, I went to church, but honestly I didn’t fully open myself to Him. I was too afraid to give my whole life to Him and to dedicate myself daily because I was afraid of rejectment.

My past self dealt a lot with abandonment, being last choice or not feeling wanted by those closest to me. My past self never felt good enough for God. That He had better choices and to me that was evident in the life I was handed.

I was the victim and I refused to see myself any other way. I was in an endless cycle of pity and self-harm because I refused to face the truth.

I would say it was earlier this year, I decided something needed to change in my life because I needed to stop crying over the same things. I realized that my first step was my relationship with God. I knew God was trying to build our relationship, I just needed to show Him that I was serious.

I decided to stop the excuses of why I didn’t have time for daily prayer and my bible study, and how I only gave 3/4 of me. I started getting up at 5:15 each morning to read, to pray and reflect. Believe me that was hard, because life tempted to me to quit. The baby would wake up at 4:30 or I had a restless sleep, but I convinced myself that a few obstacles weren’t going to stop me.

Just like fitness, if I can’t workout at my usual time, I do it later in the day. I rarely let excuses win, because fitness isn’t an option, it’s a lifestyle. I realized at this moment want God had been leading me to—God directed me to start working out, then He led me to being a Fitness Instructor.

This was to show me how I can dedicate myself, overcome my inner obstacles, and continuously improve myself and to shut down my past self who said I could never measure up.

If I can believe so fully in myself in fitness, not only for myself, but also as being a teacher to others, then why can’t I apply that with my relationship with God.

I decided to stop letting fear of being hurt, the idea that I wasn’t good enough to stop be from what was truly going to be the best adventure I ever made.

Once I started giving myself daily to God, I stopped seeing myself as the victim and I showed Him that I was serious, and God started leading me to things I thought I wasn’t ever going to receive.

To be honest, it’s been a wild ride here lately. First it was a podcast I randomly came acorss that inspired me to write this blog. Then this same podcast led me to one book that has lead me down a rabbit hole of wonderful books. God is continuously leading me to people and outlets to work bettering myself and to see His wonderful work.

One issue I had about writing this blog is that I wanted to talk about the one book that made a huge change in my life, but the issue it’s not, well I guess I would say Christian based.

Then today at church, the sermon was about learning something from someone with different views. I’ve never felt bad about reading this book, actusally I felt closer to God while reading the book.

The book is called You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. The wild thing is that I bought this book 2-years ago and I liked it, but I never read the whole book. That time of life, I wasn’t ready to give God 100% and that showed with how I stopped reading a book 1/4 of the way through.

Then I pick up this book when I am serious and I engulf it within a week. I keep thinking wow, I didn’t get any of these feelings/thoughts 2-years ago. God is like, duh you weren’t ready yet.

In the book, she uses the term “universe” instead of God to reach a larger audience, but honestly I could turn many things she said as relatable to the Bible.

She teaches about stopping your past self from telling your present self who they are, can be or do. To learn to stop being the victim to your past, to move forward even though you’re scared because when we listen to the “universe” we can accomplish the impossible.

Here are a few quotes:

The past me wanted to say I was wrong for reading this book because it would allow “the devil” into my life. I knew that was wrong and I ignored her because she doesn’t have control of my life.

Honestly, I needed that little push to show me how I was right. If I hadn’t read this book from someone with different “beliefs” from me (and they aren’t different, only worded different) then my journey to strengthen my relationship with God, my self-improvement and my learning wouldn’t have came this far.

This is one of the hardest, yet rewarding changes in my life. Once I realized that God isn’t against me, but trying to help me see that things are hard, scary and yet worth every second.

I have an expiration date and I want to stop wanting for life to instantly change for me without me changing myself.

I say all the time to stop letting excuses stop you from beginning your fitness journey, but I needed to also apply to my relationship with God and myself. I am improving myself on the inside now, letting the past me no longer be in my future.

It will be continuous work, but God has a plan for me.

What’s holding you back? Ask your future self what she/he would do and do it!

Love y’all!

October 3, 2019

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A crazy week to a weekend away

Last week was a blur for me, but at the same time what I needed.

Each year, my husband and I go on a mommy/daddy weekend away. A time for us to reconnect, have meals without kids and sleep. This year we decided to go to Whiskey City Rodeo in Lawerenceburg, IN, my husband is a Journeyman Lineman and he was competing.

Of course, before we left I had a hundred things to do to prepare for our trip. One of my stress was how to plan my workout schedule. I wanted to enjoy our trip, but I know it’s important to workout on vacation because going almost a week without a workout can cause issues in restarting my fitness schedule.

Plus, I will mentally lose it because exercise makes me happy.

Here is my fitness schedule last week:

Monday: a High Intensity Workout with Orange Theory influence. I basically focused on cardio with some weight training.

Tuesday: Full-Body TRX Workout

Wednesday: We did a 3-mile Bike Ride through Louisville.

Thursday: Off Day

Friday: Tabata Workout

Saturday: a 2-mile walk (by accident, I didn’t know it was that far)

Sunday: Off

Do I love that week for my fitness routine? Nope, but I made it work.

But I loved my Tabata routine that I did at the hotel gym. The DoubleTree Hotel in Lawerenceburg, IN had an impressive gym with updated, clean equipment.

The DoubleTree In Lawrenceburg, IN gym
Yeah I did a gym selfie-I was feeling and looking good 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Here is my Tabata workout:

The next day after the workout, my butt was sore! I credit the cable pull through.

Now to share about a little about our trip and photos.

We first stopped in Louisville, KY for a night. We stayed at the Dupont Inn Bed and Breakfast. It was only for one night, but I absolutely loved the Dupont Inn. I felt like I was at home for the night–intimate, comfortable and quite.

We did stop at a few breweries in Louisville, one being Goodwood Brewery. I loved their Bourbon Barrel beers, especially their Bourbon Barrel Stout. If you see their beers in a restauant or a beer store, buy one!

However my favorite of all was a beer at Akasha Brewing Company’s Pastry Pants. It’s was like drinking Cinnamon Toast Crunch in chocolate milk. They only made a small batch or I would have bought a growler. Mmmm…I wish I had a glass now.

Akasha Brewing Company

Lawerenceburg, IN is a town that reminded me of the town from The Gilmore Girls. The beautiful, unkept older buildings with lights hanging over the street. Within a few minutes of being in the town, I felt welcomed. Lawerenceburg is about 30 minutes west from Cincinnati, so if you are ever traveling that direction, make a pitstop in Lawerenceburg.

The Hub and I

Enjoy the last few days on this week and rock it!

September 21, 2019

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Push Day

I recently got a new job as a Personal Trainer and class instructor. Woot for me! I am loving getting back into gym, training clients, and surrounding myself in this environment. This is my happy place.

However, I been having a hard time adjusting to working, and sadly it’s only part-time. I have made mistakes with double scheduling things or realizing I looked at the wrong day/week. Plus the mom guilt of taking a child to a sitter and asking for friends/family to help because of my new job.

My first lesson is to write things done in my calendar in pencil and double check. My second lesson, this is harder on me leaving them then it is on them.

I’ve been a little too excited to be able to have access to gym with all the fun weights and equipment, and start a new training program for myself to include more weights.

I’ve never been a fan of strict weight training and I am still not . For my body type, I see more of a benefit from other styles of training, such as body weight exercises, endurance style training, HIIT, circuit training and TRX.

I could be wrong and maybe I haven’t truly dedicated myself to see results. For me to continue my love of fitness and see results, I have to challenge myself and my body. My advice is to set achievable goals in your fitness lifestyle to maintain the passion.

So I decided to try a push/pull days workouts with my own twist on them.

Usually you would have a routine of push/pull/leg days. For instance, on Monday you will do push exercises, on Wednesday you will do pull exercises and on Friday you will focus on legs. Simple, direct and easy to plan your routine.

I can’t depend on my schedule to allow me to have this routine, so I slightly combined a little legs on both of the push/pull days. If I can, I try to also have a leg day, because my lower body needs to extra work to see gains-trying to get that butt! 😉

So here is my push day workout:

I am loving this change in my routine both in working and fitness. This is only my second week, and the beginning usually has some bumps, but I plan to continue to work hard and challenge myself.

And I will do better with posting on my blog! As I always say, I gave myself a little grace, but now it’s time to re-focus and bring y’all a post.

PLEASE comment, like or share!

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