Tabata Monday

Medicine Ball Tabata

It’s Tabata Monday! I’m excited to do today’s Tabata workout. I am the weird girl who gets the big smile about a workout–“Huh, 60 burpees? (insert smile) Okay!”

This workout does not include burpees at all, so you can do a happy dance. Today we will use a medicine ball and dumbbells. Remember to use the heaviest weight you can while keeping your form and drop the weight as needed.

However, if you’re like me, I only have a 8 pound medicine ball. That’s light for me, so I make sure to increase my speed. My wish list of gym equipment is long, so I am slowly growing my home gym.

Ok onto the workout:

This Tabata is formatted to exhaust the lower body, a round of core exercises, then exhaust the upper body.

Round 3

You want to get into a low squat, keep this low squat while shuffling laterally from left to right. In the last 4 cycles, you will add a half burpee/plank drop per side of shuffle–side shuffle to the left, half burpee, side shuffle to the right, half burpee, etc.

Round 5

Row 3 ways with a dumbbell are palms facing towards your back, palms facing towards the center and palms facing towards your front.

Round 6

For Dive Bomber Push-ups watch the video below.

Round 8

This is your finisher round. That means, your arms, legs and cardiac output should be exhausted after this final round. You will do 8 cycles of medicine Ball slams! Gather your final bit of energy, use it all and power through slamming that ball to the ground.

If you wear a Fitbit, Apple watch or whatever, let me know many calories it says you expend during the workout. I will post mine in the comments below!

I recommend using to search for videos of certain excerises. They do an excellent job explaing form.

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