Don’t slouch, young lady.

Cue the eye roll when my grandmother would say to “sit up straight, don’t hunch your shoulders, it’s not lady like.”

But…now cue the neck pain, the headaches, the muscle spasms in my shoulders from a forward head position and hunched shoulders. I need to make that phone call to my Nana whispering, “You were right.”

I figured out that I suffered from muscle imbalances when I started studying for the ACE Personal Fitness. By the way, I give most of the credit for my spine and hip issues to my three lovely children. I will explain why in a few more paragraphs.

I did my own self-assessment by taking photos from different angles to study my posture. I diagnosed myself as having kyphosis and right hip adduction. What does that mean?

Kyphosis in simple terms is forward shoulders and forward position head. This posture imbalance is common in our society today due to phones, computers and long term sitting.

Mine was definitely caused by my usage of my phone, but I also blame breast feeding. The increase weight of my breast and the sitting position of rounding myself to fit the baby for hours a day did a toll on me.

Right hip adduction means the tilt of my pelvis is elevating right and upward and the left side tilts down. I carry my kids on my right hip. So, my right side is carrying the weight, causing the muscles to lengthen and weaken.

You may say it was age, but the truth is that body aches are caused by our own poor posture, muscle imbalances or lack of core strength.

Before I became a certified trainer and I was only a group fitness instructor, I had many clients complaining of neck pain, lower pain, knee pain, etc. I would suggest stretching or yoga to help, but many would dismiss this idea because they didn’t see the importance or didn’t have the time. Plus I didn’t have the training or the comprehension to explain why I knew this was important.

But now I do! So, I am making a suggestion to everyone before they start a fitness journey or even continue one—have a spouse, friend or even yourself take photos of yourself to check your posture. You should take photographs from the front, side and back angle.

I love how fitness is now multi-dimensional with media and social outlets. But I hate how many companies allow non-certified people to “coach” individuals in fitness and weight-loss. I see the appeal, but too many people are losing the opportunity to learn more than a fitness routine, but how to understand the dynamics of how their body works in relation to muscles, posture, balance and movement.

That’s the only soap box I want to jump on and I don’t want to offend anyone. I was once the person teaching a class of 20 or more without an in-depth knowledge physical fitness and unable to fully aid in their issues, concerns or simply lead them in the right direction.

Below I will share links identify and correct these issues.

Photo by ACE Fitness
By: Athlean X

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