Tabata Monday

Tabata Monday “Barre” Style

I must admit I have never taken a Barre class, but I would love too. Until that day, I will make my own workout using some Barre elements.

What is Barre? It’s a style of workout that includes an infusion of Pilates, ballet dance, strength training and yoga.

Today’s Tabata is set up to burn lower and upper body at the same time. The last 3 rounds will be cardio to end the workout with your heart pumping.

I love this workout because of the isometric holds plus the upper strength training at the same time. This workout trains my full body in a fun, yet hard, unique way.

Here’s the workout:

Time to break it down:

Round 1

  1. You will hold an air squat hold or chair pose while completing Overhead Shoulder Presses-no don’t release the chair pose for the 20 seconds. This is an isometric hold!
  2. Same chair pose with straight arm kickback pulses.

Round 3

  1. Single Leg airplane (Picture Below) and dumbbell reverse fly while holding the airplane. I love this move because it helps improve my balance and core with an upper back exercise.

2. Squat Jacks with a weight: take one medium dumbbell that you will push overhead when you jack up.

Round 4

2. Great video by to see the form of the breakdancer:

Remember anything can be modified. Either place the exercise with what you feel like 🙂 or ask me in the comments for suggestions!

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