TRX Day and raining nerf bullets

About 3 years ago, I started TRX training. It was hard, but I didn’t see how it would build my muscle strength over weight training. After 2 months of TRX training, people started to ask me what I was doing to build and cut my arm muscles…now I try to include TRX training into my schedule at least once a week.

I love the versatility of TRX training. I can include dumbbells, mini bands, do Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc.

Today though I wanted a quick and effective routine. My kids were in full force and I knew my time was limited.

I picked a few of my favorite moves for 30 seconds work with little rest for 3 rounds. It’s hard for me to count reps with my kids yelling and running around me. I also chose little rest because my time is limited and I want to keep my heart rate up.

30 seconds for 3 rounds with rest as needed:

  1. Pistol squats (per leg)
  2. Balance lunge (per leg)
  3. Overhead Back Extension
  4. Curtsy Lunge with Kick (per leg)
  5. Jump Squats
  6. Bicep curls
  7. Tricep Extension

The reality of my workout, I was a moving target for my kids to shoot with their nerf guns. It was good motivation to make me move faster.

The aftermath, I somehow survived

But I was able to get one of my assailants to take a few action photographs for me.

Pistol squat

TRX Bicep Curl

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