A Quick Saturday Workout

If I workout on the weekends, it’s usually a quick one. Plus it’s most likely including running and I’m not enthusiastic about running.

My typical running routine is usually short and/or broken up with body weight exercises.

Here’s my workout I did this morning:

Run 1 mile

50 lunges

20 squats

10 squats with pulse

10 squats slow down & fast up

10 squats fast down & slow up

30 tricep dips

30 per leg Bulgarian split squats

30 incline push ups


It took me about 24 minutes to finish. Maybe less if I count the interruptions #momlife

I want to share my after picture of me because this is me baring myself to y’all-pouring sweat, soaked sweaty hair, blotchy red face and no makeup (it’s not feasible to wear makeup when you sweat like me).

I want to be real, I wish I didn’t sweat and look like a mess after working out. I will never be that girl who can workout with her makeup looking perfect from beginning to end and the hair that never moves out of place.

No, I’m the girl that looks like she kicked butt and burned calories. I may stink and look rough, but I’m killing my routine and refusing to let my outward appearance stop me.

And it’s funny to shock people when they see me with makeup and my hair down, “Kimberly, you look so different with your hair down. You look pretty.” 😁

Sweat your butt off but get it done, and then take a shower. Most importantly continue enjoying your weekend!

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