Tabata Monday 7/8/19

Hello it is Monday! Lets start our week out with another Tabata to rev up our metabolism and burn those calories!

This weeks Tabata you need heavy and/or medium set of dumbbells, step/risers or a Plyo Box or for me, I have neither so I use my basement stairs.

Here’s the workout:

Round 1

  1. Squat Surrenders:
Imagine from spotepi.com

2. Box Jumps: I use my basement stairs and jump to the second stair.

Round 3

  1. Lateral Bench Step Ups: (a) hold a dumbbell in each hand (b) place your left foot on the bench (c) press from your heel and raise your right foot to a 45-degree angle. (d) return your right foot to the ground and repeat. *do 2 cycles per side

Round 4

  1. Twisting Pistons:

2. Jackknife Abs: (a) lie flat on the floor with your arms overhead and lies straight out (b)raise your legs and arm to meet in the middle-legs should be at an 45-degree angle and arms parallel to your legs (c) return to starting position and repeat

Round 6

  1. Car Drivers: (a) raise one dumbbell so that the arms are straight and at chest level (b) rotate the dumbbell like you’re driving a car *do not drop the weight until the 20 seconds are up.
  2. Single-leg Scarecrows:
Imagine from Popsugar.com

Remember if you aren’t familiar with an exercise, you can ask me.

HAPPY MONDAY and kick butt!

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