Thursday’s Running Circuit

I don’t own a trend mill. So when it’s nice out, I usually try to plan my workout outside and include the dreaded running.

Today I decided to complete a running/HIIT/strength training circuit workout. Since I don’t own a lot of gym equipment, I plan full body workouts with higher repetitions.

Higher repetitions help tone and build my muscle endurance, instead of building or “bulking” my muscle mass. Plus I feel like this style training works best for body type.

Here’s the exact workout I did today:

A few quick tips for the workout:

  1. The 2 minutes of running should be at your 5-6 on the rated perceived exertion rate (scale of 1-10). It was hard for me to talk after the 2 minutes of running.
  2. Take breaks when you need one. I didn’t schedule breaks bc you need to make it YOUR own workout.
  3. Remember to warm up and cool down!
My gym this morning, my driveway
An overview of my own workout-including warm up and cool down
The aftermath: pouring sweat and my classic red face

I hope y’all enjoy the workout because I did!

I plan to do it again and beat my time.

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