To the gym I go

I want to share that I was able to workout in an actual gym today! It’s the small things in life that make me giddy.

For now, I’m a substitute class instructor at a local YMCA, and this morning I substituted for a cardio blast class. I planned my workout to include the heavy weights and barbells since I don’t have them at home. It made my day to have the various choices of weights and equipment.

Now to the workout-LEGS!

I would suggest doing 3-5 rounds of each exercise. Yes, only the sumo squat to 3/4 sumo squat was 4 rounds, but I used the smith machine and I wanted to exhaust that exercise.

Sometimes I am weird with my rounds lol.

I used the heaviest weight I could handle for each exercise and the 3-4 rounds.

And lastly here is a video of me doing the bench curtsy lunge taps-yes the lighting is horrible. I’m learning about taking pictures and videoing myself. Give me grace.

Have a the best weekend you can!

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