Tabata Monday

Tabata Monday…nah Yoga Monday

I started writing today’s post, I had the Tabata workout planned and everything in order, but I kept feeling my body say, “no thanks”.

I love to start my week off with HIIT to kick start my metabolism, but I knew my body needed something else.

After having my third child, I started to do yoga once a week. I found the importance to slow down one day a week, stretch and strengthen by at the same time and focus on what my body was doing.

No I didn’t go to a yoga a class. Instead I googled yoga and I tried a few videos that seemed legit.

One of my top websites for workouts of all kinds is When I started my fitness journey, this website was were I found many of my workout inspirations.

When I started doing yoga, I couldn’t do some of the moves without modifications. I didn’t realize I was too weak to hold my own body weight or too tight to move my body a certain way. Kinda of a sad realization.

I planned to spend 30 minutes once a week focusing on my breathing, stretching but strengthen my body and learning what my body was saying. Yoga taught me that I was holding a lot of tension in my shoulders-I constantly had and have to tell myself to relax my shoulders in poses.

Small acknowledgments of squaring my hips or releasing my shoulder has helped me in daily life and my other workout. I’m more in tune my body and how it moves.

Now it’s been about two weeks since I did yoga, and today I felt my body and mind cry out for it.

If you woke up like me: not feel energized, kinda down in the dumps and disappointed that I was arguing with myself about working out then maybe you need to add a day to slow down and incorporate yoga. Even if it’s a Monday or not on your schedule.

In the past, my yoga days were on Wednesday or Friday. If I know that on Monday and Tuesday I will be doing exercises that will exhaust my body then Wednesday is active recovery through Yoga.

Here is one of my favorite yoga videos. If anyone wants to share you’re favorite, please tag me in them on Facebook or the comments below.

This is a flow video that focuses on the poses and breathing working together. I’m usually high energy with workouts and this makes me slow down and focus.

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