Tabata Monday

Resistance Band Tabata 7/22

It’s been about 4 days since I’ve had a full workout. I went to visit family, enjoyed my time immensely, but I am ready to get back into my routine.

Over my weekend away, I did a quick mini band lower body workout that I posted a few days ago. This made me want to pull out my large resistance bands and have some fun.

I own Stroops Slastix Toner bands, light, and medium resistances, and I love them. These bands have sleeves coving the elastic bands for safety and to increase durability. I personally have experienced a non-sleeve band breaking on me. OUCH!

Think of a large rubber band snapping and hitting you. I was lucky that it was not severe damage, only a whelp on my back. I attest to paying extra for this brand.

Check out their website-I am eye balling a few items that sound myself.

For this Tabata, grab your large resistance bands and some dumbbells. Lets go!

Round 1:

  1. High knees with Resistance Bands overhead-create a tension overhead with band. The picture below demonstrates–you can wrap the bands to reduced hanging straps. While holding the bands overhead, run those high knees.

Round 2:

  1. Band Wood chop:

2. Lunge with rotation is with a dumbbell

Round 4:

  1. Band High Pulls: a front row with the resistance bands
  2. Band Lat Pull downs:

Round 5:

2. Jumping Jacks with a band:

I took some of my own pictures for this workout! That’s a big deal because my anxiety was in overload. I fought through it, yes I am not in love with the pictures, but I did it.

I know I will continue to gain belief in myself, to learn from my mistakes and grow in the digital area, but it will take time.

It’s Monday, I am smiling and ready to start the week off strong.

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