Why make a healthier you seem complicated?

I know you seen that title, Steps to a Healthier You!

Well, guess what? Here are my 2 steps for beginning the process to a healthier you.

Do you think of people like me are crazy or cocky for saying I am addicted to working out? How I can’t go too long without a workout?

I may be crazy, but I am far from cocky. Nope, my secret is I changed my mindset and outlook on fitness. Did it happen over night? Heck no!

I went from a 15-year-old girl running 2-3 miles a few times a week to a 27-year-old slowly incorporating weights. Somewhere after 27, I took a huge leap to do anything I could try. I took classes, spent hours on Pinterest and googling ideas for my next workout, and following fitness blogs and Instagrams.

However, when I hit that stage at 27 of wanting to explore more fitness outlets, I still struggled to change my mindset. I remember trying burpees at one point and I couldn’t do more than 3. I felt like a failure and thought about how I could never imagine doing 10. I wanted to avoid the things that seemed impossible, hard or well scary.

I could have made excuses, but I knew I needed to challenge myself if I wanted to have a continuous change in my body, my strength and mental capability. So, I made the goal to do 20 burpees. When I look back, that was one of my hardest goals to achieve and it took time. 

Every time I am in Chattanooga, I see this Marine’s billboard. I love it! I need it posted in my house to remind myself every day that I am the only one holding myself back. If I listen to the I can’ts then I will never have the chance to experience the emotions of triumph.

That leads to the next step #2: make small, realistic goals for yourself. Wait, what? The most important part of that is I said for YOURSELF. You can’t change your mindset if you aren’t doing this fully for yourself. You aren’t in competition with anyone else but YOU.

You have to see yourself as the obstacle, you have to overcome your past self to make a better you. Start small with your goals, because if you make too large of expectations, your mindset and/or body isn’t at that level to achieve them. Your picturing instant perfection, and when a few failures hit and your perfect image is smashed, you may quit.

Here’s my example of when I struggled with my past self and having to lower my expectations because life became difficult.

When my 3rd child was about 4 months old we moved over an hour away to a new house. Let me give you my list of how life got hard and the possible whys of how I could have quit working out:

  1. No local gym with childcare
  2. It was summertime-kids home all day
  3. I had a 4 month old baby
  4. Sleep deprived
  5. Breast feeding issues
  6. Unpacking a new house
  7. Fix issues at new house
  8. A Sick dog
  9. New town-knew no one or anything about it
  10. Depressed

I was struggling, but I refused to let that list stop me. My mindset knew the importance of my fitness. Plus I knew an important fact:

You’re welcome, husband!

Ok, back to the serious stuff.

I set a goal to workout 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I had to transit to working out at home during nap times, so I had to learn to be more flexible. I think that was the hardest step.

I chose less strenuous workouts for those days I felt like I had no energy to give, but I still did something. Other days, I did HIIT workouts to rebuild my cardiovascular threshold, I chose to build my muscular endurance over strength since I had to adapt to a home gym with less equipment.

I am 32 years old and I know this process is ever going. I will never stop my desire to reach new fitness goals because now it’s ingrained in me, but I will have times where life is hard, and things will change. But I have overcome my own mental battles of wanting to allow defeat, and I have proved that I AM STRONGER than my past self.

You will be too! If today is day 1 of your fitness journey, remember it’s hard today, but years down the road, the new you will shock you. You are on this journey to not only change physically but mentally.

Now for my new jam for getting into the workout mindset is Fitness by Lizzo.

Disclaimer: explicit language in the song

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