Tabata Monday

Tabata Remix

I like routine, but I also don’t care for it. It gets boring and I need a little change-up. That’s why Monday is usually a high intensity workout, 80% of the time being Tabata, but sometimes I’ve got to add a little change to my plan.

Today we will be doing a full-body strength circuit with cardio Tabata intervals in between the strength circuits.

Here’s the workout:

The strength rounds are 4 exercises for 1 minute.

1-minute rounds work on strength but also endurance. Pace yourself because you don’t want to exhaust the muscles before the minute is up.

I didn’t include rest intervals, but DO take rest!

Rest is important to allows restoration of your energy source, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). I would probably do a horrible explanation of ATP, so basically what you need to know is that taking rest between sets is when your body replenishes your ATP, thus the amount of rest taken equals how much energy is available for the following set.

To clarify, because Tabata doesn’t provide long rest periods, but why this is ok.

Tabata is high power with short durations exercise that causes your body to use the ATP-PC (Adenosine triphosphate-phosphocreatine), but then the glycolytic system begins to work.

This causes the anaerobic energy system to begin by breaking down parts of our muscle glycogen to form ATP. Our muscles receive more energy, but we also experience that “burn” caused by lactate and hydrogen ion secretion.

Thus you can perform longer with less rest in this zone, but you can’t lift as heavy.

Somehow I went down the rabbit hole in explaining ATP.

Okay, I would suggest taking a 30-second rest between strength exercise and 1-minute break after the Tabata rounds. OR if you need more rest, take it. Listen to your body, let your ATP reload and then you can give your 100%.

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