Tabata Monday 8/5

I am in shock that’s it is August. We went school shopping and now the countdown till the first day of school has started.

Now I feel the need to do as much as possible, to fully enjoy the last days of summer– go to the pool a few more times, go to the zoo, or to a waterpark.

School time does make it easier for me on my daily routine, especially my workouts.

Now lets talk about today’s Tabata. I planned a workout in which you complete weight training exercise (isotonic) for 4 round then the next 4 rounds are isometric holds with or without pulses to work the muscle in a different way.

Isometric exercises is in the strength training family, but its purpose is to have the muscle stay contracted (tensing the muscle or shorten the muscle) for a period of time.

Fun fact the Greek meaning of Isometric: “iso” means equal and “metron”, means measure, hence “having equal measurement”.

Then I threw in some cardio to exhaust the lower body in round 3 and cardio to exhaust the upper body in round 7. Of course to make sure we finish strong by ending with a full body cardio in round 8.

Round 4:

-Spider-Man planks: can be done on your forearms or full extended plank


Round 5:

Serving Tray:


Round 7:



Round 8:

-Crocodile Walk: this is new to me and it’s HARD. Your goal is to stay low in a tricep push up and alternate the arms and legs crawling forward. After 4 rounds, I could barley get myself up lol. You can modify with bear crawls.


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