HIIT Circuit Workout

I’ve decided to not only do Tabata on Monday, but share my other favorite Monday workouts.

Today I am sharing a workout that will make you sweat and leave you feeling exhausted but accomplished.

This workout is designed to have limited rest breaks. Try to not take a break during the circuits, onlt between each circuit. I suggest setting a timer for 45 minutes and your goal is to finish the circuit training before the time is up.

If you do this circuit at the gym:

  • 40-seconds of Cardio: Run on a treadmill, climb the stair stepper, or jump on the rowing machine.
  • Strength Training: set up heavy dumbbells, kettlebell or barbells (or all of them) next to your cardio equipment.

If you are at your house:

  • 40-seconds of Cardio: run stairs, run your driveway or alternate between fast feet, squat jumps, jump rope, burpees, etc.
  • Strength Training: same set up as at the gym

Here’s the workout:

To break it down:

Circuit 1:

  • 40-seconds of cardio
  • 10 squat thrust
  • 40-seconds of cardio
  • 10 squat thrust
  • 40-seconds of cardio
  • 10 squat thrust

I hope this workout makes your burn those calories, build your strength and stamina!

Remember I love to hear from y’all so comment, share, or like my post.

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