I believe I have shared how I started my fitness journey by running once or twice a week.  I didn’t do anything “crazy.”  I didn’t have too.  I had always been small and I could easily lose weight when I needed to.

Then in 2015, my husband convinced me to sign up for a Spartan Super Race, that’s an 8+mile obstacle course race.  I don’t think I have had ever ran more than 3 miles in my life at that point. 

I tried to prepare for the race, but to be honest I only incorporated small weights and a little more cardio.  

Race day came–I struggled and I failed many of the obstacles. I lacked the upper body strength, endurance and most importantly the belief in myself.

Instead of quitting, claiming myself a failure, I signed up immediately for next year’s race.  I decided I wanted and would do better the next year.
I started to attend fitness classes, going to the gym more, learning new exercises and routines.  The biggest change was my self-doubt in fitness.

Side Note: I am very self-conscious, full of self-doubt person. I am not radiating confidence. However, when it comes to fitness, I believe in myself, my talents, my strengths, and my determination. When I finally found my passion, I also found my inner-belief of myself–while when I am at the gym or working out. It’s however a slow change to convince myself that all of me is awesome.

2016 race quickly came and I did a little better.  I ran harder, longer and I conquered a few obstacles I had failed the year before.

I wasn’t satisfied.  I knew I could do better.  To be honest, I wanted to conquer those monkey bars!

In 2017, I amazed myself during the race.  I had a stronger upper body and I demolished the monkey bars, the Hercules, and the new Twister (HORRIBLE obstacle).  Also, I was 9 weeks pregnant with my 3rd kid.  Yes, I am bragging and I deserve too.  **I was careful and listened to body during the race**

I finally felt like I achieved my goal.  I was able to find the strength physically and mentally that the past me never had. In the past I was “skinny,’ but that didn’t mean that I was healthy. 

When I think of those years, 2015-2017, I think of a person learning about herself and her abilities. Someone finally working to better herself and in the progress finding her passion.

I am still a work in progress and I will always strive to be better than yesterday.

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