TRX-Lower Body and Core

I am determined to make more people love TRX. I love the versatility of the system, the ability to incorporate dumbbells, kettlebells, bosu ball and much more. For this workout, we aren’t using anything other the our body weight and the TRX system.

Today’s workout we will focus on the lower body and core. Let’s burn those quads, hamstrings and abs.

I know you ladies (me too), it’s all about the butt and abs!

This workout is 40-seconds of work with 20-second break. Complete 3 rounds of circuit 1 before moving on to circuit 2.

Guess what??

I took some videos of me doing TRX exercise moves. A little pat on my back 🙂

First up: Pistol Squats

Pistol squats music: Do It

These are difficult. I can go to the floor in my pistol squat because of practice. The first time I did these, I thought my quads were going to quit working and I would not get off the floor.

Remember: BOOTY FIRST and chest last. This is a hinge exercise where you hinge or push your hips back to lower yourself then your chest follows.

Remember tight hip extensors can cause you not to be able to go low into the squat. This is an advanced squat, so you could change it to a regular squat until you feel capable of performing a pistol squat

Front squat jumps

A front squat jump or flying squirrels, as an old workout buddy called them. They will get your heart rate up and leave your legs shaking, isn’t that the best?!

When watching my video below, I would suggest getting your handles a little higher to increase the range for the hip flexors. My hip flexors May need to strengthen to increase the flexion off the floor also. Watching yourself in a mirror, a video or having a trainer to aid you in form is highly recommended.

I should have taken more videos because to be honest, I had to delete some of videos. It’s true that there is usually only one or two good shots out a hand full.

I’m learning and I can’t wait to look back on my mistakes to smile that I only did better.

Here is a move I am working on, the isometric SpiderMan Pose. I can only hold this pose for about 7 seconds in the TRX…for now. With practice and strengthen my arms and core in various isometric poses then I will be able to hold the pose longer.

Past me, couldn’t do this pose at all!

I can’t tell y’all enough, set small, achievable goals and conquer them. Move on to the next. A few years down the road you will be shocked by the changes not only physically but mentally!

Let’s kill this week! Think positive, act positive and remember you ROCK.

Remember share, like or comment, it lets me know you like the workout.

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