Bosu Circuit

Guess what? I got not just 1, but 2 bosu balls! -Insert my happy dance-

The first thing I did was excitedly plan a bosu workout that had my arms shaking and my heart pumping. I loved every minute. Seriously, I planned a minute per exercise for 3 rounds, plus the round worked my mental stamina.

Wondering what a bosu ball is? Here is the simple invention that builds stability and strength.

I only used the boss ball, because I didn’t need anything else. I planned this workout to start at the upper body, include core exercises and finish with the lower body.

Here’s the workout:

This workout took me about 40 minutes that included breaks. I would suggest taking at least 20 seconds between each exercise to allow your energy and strength to replenish…somewhat.

I am loving sharing my workouts and ideas with everyone. Have a wonderful week! Stay strong, focused and get it done.

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