Push Day

I recently got a new job as a Personal Trainer and class instructor. Woot for me! I am loving getting back into gym, training clients, and surrounding myself in this environment. This is my happy place.

However, I been having a hard time adjusting to working, and sadly it’s only part-time. I have made mistakes with double scheduling things or realizing I looked at the wrong day/week. Plus the mom guilt of taking a child to a sitter and asking for friends/family to help because of my new job.

My first lesson is to write things done in my calendar in pencil and double check. My second lesson, this is harder on me leaving them then it is on them.

I’ve been a little too excited to be able to have access to gym with all the fun weights and equipment, and start a new training program for myself to include more weights.

I’ve never been a fan of strict weight training and I am still not . For my body type, I see more of a benefit from other styles of training, such as body weight exercises, endurance style training, HIIT, circuit training and TRX.

I could be wrong and maybe I haven’t truly dedicated myself to see results. For me to continue my love of fitness and see results, I have to challenge myself and my body. My advice is to set achievable goals in your fitness lifestyle to maintain the passion.

So I decided to try a push/pull days workouts with my own twist on them.

Usually you would have a routine of push/pull/leg days. For instance, on Monday you will do push exercises, on Wednesday you will do pull exercises and on Friday you will focus on legs. Simple, direct and easy to plan your routine.

I can’t depend on my schedule to allow me to have this routine, so I slightly combined a little legs on both of the push/pull days. If I can, I try to also have a leg day, because my lower body needs to extra work to see gains-trying to get that butt! šŸ˜‰

So here is my push day workout:

I am loving this change in my routine both in working and fitness. This is only my second week, and the beginning usually has some bumps, but I plan to continue to work hard and challenge myself.

And I will do better with posting on my blog! As I always say, I gave myself a little grace, but now it’s time to re-focus and bring y’all a post.

PLEASE comment, like or share!

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