October 3, 2019

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A crazy week to a weekend away

Last week was a blur for me, but at the same time what I needed.

Each year, my husband and I go on a mommy/daddy weekend away. A time for us to reconnect, have meals without kids and sleep. This year we decided to go to Whiskey City Rodeo in Lawerenceburg, IN, my husband is a Journeyman Lineman and he was competing.

Of course, before we left I had a hundred things to do to prepare for our trip. One of my stress was how to plan my workout schedule. I wanted to enjoy our trip, but I know it’s important to workout on vacation because going almost a week without a workout can cause issues in restarting my fitness schedule.

Plus, I will mentally lose it because exercise makes me happy.

Here is my fitness schedule last week:

Monday: a High Intensity Workout with Orange Theory influence. I basically focused on cardio with some weight training.

Tuesday: Full-Body TRX Workout

Wednesday: We did a 3-mile Bike Ride through Louisville.

Thursday: Off Day

Friday: Tabata Workout

Saturday: a 2-mile walk (by accident, I didn’t know it was that far)

Sunday: Off

Do I love that week for my fitness routine? Nope, but I made it work.

But I loved my Tabata routine that I did at the hotel gym. The DoubleTree Hotel in Lawerenceburg, IN had an impressive gym with updated, clean equipment.

The DoubleTree In Lawrenceburg, IN gym
Yeah I did a gym selfie-I was feeling and looking good 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Here is my Tabata workout:

The next day after the workout, my butt was sore! I credit the cable pull through.

Now to share about a little about our trip and photos.

We first stopped in Louisville, KY for a night. We stayed at the Dupont Inn Bed and Breakfast. It was only for one night, but I absolutely loved the Dupont Inn. I felt like I was at home for the night–intimate, comfortable and quite.

We did stop at a few breweries in Louisville, one being Goodwood Brewery. I loved their Bourbon Barrel beers, especially their Bourbon Barrel Stout. If you see their beers in a restauant or a beer store, buy one!

However my favorite of all was a beer at Akasha Brewing Company’s Pastry Pants. It’s was like drinking Cinnamon Toast Crunch in chocolate milk. They only made a small batch or I would have bought a growler. Mmmm…I wish I had a glass now.

Akasha Brewing Company

Lawerenceburg, IN is a town that reminded me of the town from The Gilmore Girls. The beautiful, unkept older buildings with lights hanging over the street. Within a few minutes of being in the town, I felt welcomed. Lawerenceburg is about 30 minutes west from Cincinnati, so if you are ever traveling that direction, make a pitstop in Lawerenceburg.

The Hub and I

Enjoy the last few days on this week and rock it!

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