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Kansas City Hotel Workout

This was our 7th year attending the International Lineman’s Rodeo in Kansas City as a family.

My oldest son watching the Speed Climbs

Over the 7 years we have gone from having 1 kid to 3 kids. You may think that after 7-years I would have the trip down, but it’s not typical Kimberly fashion to remember everything or to come 100% prepared. Each year we may have a little stress, but we have a lot of fun.

The one thing I do have down is my quick, in the hotel room with kids workout. I usually bring my mini bands, but I forgot those this year so I did body weight exercises instead.

Quick side note. I did get the chance to check out the hotel gym and they had a Peloton Bike. I have never taken a spin class…never seemed like my cup of tea, but now I want to do more. It kicked my butt or better put my legs. Whoosh, I had trouble keeping up with the cadence.

Now back to the hotel room workout. I didn’t want to think too much about counting reps with kids bouncing off the bed and I needed something fast paced, so I chose to cut a Tabata in half (4-Rounds).

Here is my exact workout I did:

Round 4:

Lizard Hops are extremely hard, but can be modified. You can eliminate the push-ups and stay in full plank, only alternating your legs. In addition, you don’t have to hop, but can step your legs out to your hands.

By Fit Ninja

I finished my workout, stretched and then took the kiddos swimming.

Even on a mini vacation, sometimes a quick workout can give me the energy I need to continue the fun.


Happy Monday and remember:

Your life is good, don’t look back, keep your eyes forward and it’s time to CRUSH your goals!

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