Why I say no to the scale

21 year old me

12 years ago I had no strength or a butt, but I thought I looked good and that I was healthy because I weighed 110. The scale was the determiner of fit.

I had youth on my side and genetics 😉 but I really wasn’t that healthy.

I have learned a lot in a few short years.
The number on the scale isn’t my concern anymore.

33 year old me

Yes I weigh more then 110, but guess what I am more confident in my body because my body feels good!

STOP allowing a scale tell if you’re happy or healthy! Focus on your inner health, mental health and physical health, and your happiness and confidence will grow with it.

You’re not a number on a scale because they can lie. Worse that scale has the power to either lift you up or crush your whole day or worse progress.

I challenge you to put up the scale. Yep, don’t weigh yourself for 30 days and work on YOU! Start your day with journaling, stretching, focusing on your goals and all awesome things you will achieve instead of stepping on that scale and allowing it to say how awesome or how horrible you are that day.

Side note: yet check out the butt this thirty three old has now 😉

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