It's Hard and It's Okay

Firstly, I want to give a digital high five to the fitness industry for stepping up during this time through live workouts, at home workouts and offering 2-weeks or more of free memberships/apps to everyone during this time.

It’s amazing the out pour of fitness and nutrition community to help those to continue their fitness and health journeys.

It’s hard though—working out at home. For a lot of us, the gym is place to escape into our music and focus on ourselves. For some people, the gym is a place to join your friends in a class and find motivation within a community.

Then your at home with the stress of home life constantly looming around you.

I am a mom, the moment I try to wake up extra early to workout or maybe it’s during “quite time” that my little humans sense that I am busy. They wake up early with me, or the requests start pouring in or the fighting starts, it never fails.

It is hard to stop mid-workout and restart with the same determination you had at the beginning.

It is hard sometimes to start a workout after a day of mental exhaustion and all you feel is physically done.

Guess what? Its normal for you to struggle with fitness during this time. Especially, if fitness at home isn’t usually for you.

It’s okay if you take a week off because life is to hectic. It’s okay if you find yourself not feeling like you can give the same level of “humph” like you do at the gym.

I am going to tell you a secret, this moment will pass.

When my youngest was an infant, I didn’t have a gym to escape to. My only option was turning my home into my gym. In the beginning, I mentally struggled with accepting my new routines. My outlook was negative, I felt weak, I felt unhappy, I wasn’t feeling stress release through fitness, and it lasted for months.

My turning point was when I understood that I was the problem.
My outlook on my dilemma needed to change.
I HAD to change my perspective.

Maybe for you, a workout at home may not be ideal, it’s okay to feel frustrated, but remember you’re still moving and doing something physical today.

Chose today to address your feelings, accept “imperfection,” then focus your energy on the outcome you want.

I challenge you to wake up tomorrow, flip that perspective and be optimistic. You know you are strong, you know you’re capable and you know how to give the best of yourself.

Show up to your workout with your best self, but respect yourself, your decisions and give the next, well whatever amount time, your energy to finish strong and confident in yourself.

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