About me

My Family Summer of 2018

My name is Kimberly Putnam and I am that shy, awkward gal who doesn’t shine in social situations, but I enjoy to surprise others when I shade my insecurities and own what I love.

Part of my blog is to share my passion for fitness. I started teaching group fitness classes in 2015 at my local YMCA and my love for teaching has only grown. I want to share with ya’ll my own fitness routines and advice.

The other part of my blog is a calling from God. I am the person who talks to herself a lot. I get ideas or something sparks an AHA moment and I start talking to myself. I started realizing that I needed to share my conservations and blogging was a perfect outlet. I have felt like I needed to blog my thoughts for years, but always too scared. God didn’t stop pressing this idea of me and now I am following His lead.

I am a mother to three boys, a line wife, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a SGT Ken Certified Bootcamp Instructor, a Miniature Schnauzer lover and well a woman trying to figuring out her past, her present and her future.