High Rep Booty Burner

Scared your going to lose your gains with not going to gym? Nah, first of all, it's takes longer than a few weeks to lose muscle mass. Secondly, this is the time to not let these circumstances get you down. It's time to use our creativity or try new something new. Thirdly, lifting lighter weights… Continue reading High Rep Booty Burner


Food, I see you judging me

“Gosh, I really wants a burger, but then what will my friends think of me.” “He ordered two desserts for himself?” “I love bread, but carbs are bad.” “I am on a diet. I don’t eat candy anymore.”—quote from 7-year old son. From an early age, we are taught to be hyperaware of food. We… Continue reading Food, I see you judging me

Fitness, My thoughts

Treasure Yourself

As a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor I have repeatedly heard how I can't understand their struggles because I've always been skinning. I don't disagree. I can't understand the process of losing 20 plus pounds. I can't understand the issue of easily gaining weight, and even harder to lose the weight. God made… Continue reading Treasure Yourself

Fitness, Tabata Monday

Kansas City Hotel Workout

This was our 7th year attending the International Lineman's Rodeo in Kansas City as a family. My oldest son watching the Speed Climbs Over the 7 years we have gone from having 1 kid to 3 kids. You may think that after 7-years I would have the trip down, but it's not typical Kimberly fashion… Continue reading Kansas City Hotel Workout


Push Day

I recently got a new job as a Personal Trainer and class instructor. Woot for me! I am loving getting back into gym, training clients, and surrounding myself in this environment. This is my happy place. However, I been having a hard time adjusting to working, and sadly it's only part-time. I have made mistakes… Continue reading Push Day


Cherry Bomb Challenge

Starting this blog has increased my desire to be creative in fitness; however, I would say I am a novice. I wish I was naturally creative, but sadly that skill isn't an easy one for me. BUT that doesn't stop me from trying because I can fail, but eventually I may create a gem. One… Continue reading Cherry Bomb Challenge


Bosu Circuit

Guess what? I got not just 1, but 2 bosu balls! -Insert my happy dance- The first thing I did was excitedly plan a bosu workout that had my arms shaking and my heart pumping. I loved every minute. Seriously, I planned a minute per exercise for 3 rounds, plus the round worked my mental… Continue reading Bosu Circuit