I cried at Costco

Yep, I am proudly telling the story of me crying at Costco Customer Service. Let me give a little back story. Throughout my childhood, I struggled with understanding my emotions. If I showed them, then they wrong, but if I didn’t I was wrong too. This of course manifested into anxiety. For most of my… Continue reading I cried at Costco

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Treasure Yourself

As a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor I have repeatedly heard how I can't understand their struggles because I've always been skinning. I don't disagree. I can't understand the process of losing 20 plus pounds. I can't understand the issue of easily gaining weight, and even harder to lose the weight. God made… Continue reading Treasure Yourself


Facing the harsh facts

All week, I’ve felt God placing on my mind to write more about my journey and how one simple, yet enormous change in myself, changed everything for me. Honestly, I’ve pushed it off because of the endless to-do list and simply unsure how to say it. Then today at church our preacher told something about… Continue reading Facing the harsh facts

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The gift from my child

I am a very insecure person.  Part of my daily prayers is for God to guide me and give me the strength to overcome my insecurities.   I battle anxiety in social situations and then I battle myself afterward with my analysis over everything that was said or happened.   I don’t think I will… Continue reading The gift from my child

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Life of going great, it's summer, everyone's healthy, social life is good, family life is good, but for some reason, I feel like I'm in the world of meh. I wouldn't say I'm depressed. No, it's that I feel stuck. Sometimes being a stay at home momma can feel endlessly repetitive with non-important daily routines.… Continue reading MEH

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A Woman’s Curse or Blessing?

Genesis 3:16, God says to Eve that He will increase her pain during childbirth as punishment for eating the fruit. However, I see God as blessing Eve and future women with a gift. With my first pregnancy I wanted to have a “natural” childbirthing experience. I didn’t want an epidural. I wanted to be capable… Continue reading A Woman’s Curse or Blessing?

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I’m finally obeying His will

This part of my blog is to share the ramblings I usually keep to myself. I do not hold myself in high regard of inspirational knowledge. I am not a trained person in psychology or counseling. I am simply a normal person trying to figure out my past that formed me into an adult who… Continue reading I’m finally obeying His will