July 22, 2019

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Resistance Band Tabata 7/22

It’s been about 4 days since I’ve had a full workout. I went to visit family, enjoyed my time immensely, but I am ready to get back into my routine.

Over my weekend away, I did a quick mini band lower body workout that I posted a few days ago. This made me want to pull out my large resistance bands and have some fun.

I own Stroops Slastix Toner bands, light, and medium resistances, and I love them. These bands have sleeves coving the elastic bands for safety and to increase durability. I personally have experienced a non-sleeve band breaking on me. OUCH!

Think of a large rubber band snapping and hitting you. I was lucky that it was not severe damage, only a whelp on my back. I attest to paying extra for this brand.

Check out their website-I am eye balling a few items that sound myself.


For this Tabata, grab your large resistance bands and some dumbbells. Lets go!

Round 1:

  1. High knees with Resistance Bands overhead-create a tension overhead with band. The picture below demonstrates–you can wrap the bands to reduced hanging straps. While holding the bands overhead, run those high knees.

Round 2:

  1. Band Wood chop:

2. Lunge with rotation is with a dumbbell

Round 4:

  1. Band High Pulls: a front row with the resistance bands
  2. Band Lat Pull downs:

Round 5:

2. Jumping Jacks with a band:

I took some of my own pictures for this workout! That’s a big deal because my anxiety was in overload. I fought through it, yes I am not in love with the pictures, but I did it.

I know I will continue to gain belief in myself, to learn from my mistakes and grow in the digital area, but it will take time.

It’s Monday, I am smiling and ready to start the week off strong.

July 20, 2019


My quick traveling workout

Here’s my quick lower body workout for when I travel. I always pack my mini bands because it’s important to never go too long between workouts.

I always include a 15 minute workout and stretching in my travel schedule. I always feel mentality better after and it doesn’t disrupt my fun at all.

Here is the workout! Now I’ll continue my fun!

July 15, 2019

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Tabata Monday…nah Yoga Monday

I started writing today’s post, I had the Tabata workout planned and everything in order, but I kept feeling my body say, “no thanks”.

I love to start my week off with HIIT to kick start my metabolism, but I knew my body needed something else.

After having my third child, I started to do yoga once a week. I found the importance to slow down one day a week, stretch and strengthen by at the same time and focus on what my body was doing.

No I didn’t go to a yoga a class. Instead I googled yoga and I tried a few videos that seemed legit.

One of my top websites for workouts of all kinds is popsugar.com. When I started my fitness journey, this website was were I found many of my workout inspirations.

When I started doing yoga, I couldn’t do some of the moves without modifications. I didn’t realize I was too weak to hold my own body weight or too tight to move my body a certain way. Kinda of a sad realization.

I planned to spend 30 minutes once a week focusing on my breathing, stretching but strengthen my body and learning what my body was saying. Yoga taught me that I was holding a lot of tension in my shoulders-I constantly had and have to tell myself to relax my shoulders in poses.

Small acknowledgments of squaring my hips or releasing my shoulder has helped me in daily life and my other workout. I’m more in tune my body and how it moves.

Now it’s been about two weeks since I did yoga, and today I felt my body and mind cry out for it.

If you woke up like me: not feel energized, kinda down in the dumps and disappointed that I was arguing with myself about working out then maybe you need to add a day to slow down and incorporate yoga. Even if it’s a Monday or not on your schedule.

In the past, my yoga days were on Wednesday or Friday. If I know that on Monday and Tuesday I will be doing exercises that will exhaust my body then Wednesday is active recovery through Yoga.

Here is one of my favorite yoga videos. If anyone wants to share you’re favorite, please tag me in them on Facebook or the comments below.

This is a flow video that focuses on the poses and breathing working together. I’m usually high energy with workouts and this makes me slow down and focus.


July 13, 2019

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To the gym I go

I want to share that I was able to workout in an actual gym today! It’s the small things in life that make me giddy.

For now, I’m a substitute class instructor at a local YMCA, and this morning I substituted for a cardio blast class. I planned my workout to include the heavy weights and barbells since I don’t have them at home. It made my day to have the various choices of weights and equipment.

Now to the workout-LEGS!

I would suggest doing 3-5 rounds of each exercise. Yes, only the sumo squat to 3/4 sumo squat was 4 rounds, but I used the smith machine and I wanted to exhaust that exercise.

Sometimes I am weird with my rounds lol.

I used the heaviest weight I could handle for each exercise and the 3-4 rounds.

And lastly here is a video of me doing the bench curtsy lunge taps-yes the lighting is horrible. I’m learning about taking pictures and videoing myself. Give me grace.

Have a the best weekend you can!

July 11, 2019

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Thursday’s Running Circuit

I don’t own a trend mill. So when it’s nice out, I usually try to plan my workout outside and include the dreaded running.

Today I decided to complete a running/HIIT/strength training circuit workout. Since I don’t own a lot of gym equipment, I plan full body workouts with higher repetitions.

Higher repetitions help tone and build my muscle endurance, instead of building or “bulking” my muscle mass. Plus I feel like this style training works best for body type.

Here’s the exact workout I did today:

A few quick tips for the workout:

  1. The 2 minutes of running should be at your 5-6 on the rated perceived exertion rate (scale of 1-10). It was hard for me to talk after the 2 minutes of running.
  2. Take breaks when you need one. I didn’t schedule breaks bc you need to make it YOUR own workout.
  3. Remember to warm up and cool down!

My gym this morning, my driveway

An overview of my own workout-including warm up and cool down

The aftermath: pouring sweat and my classic red face

I hope y’all enjoy the workout because I did!

I plan to do it again and beat my time.

July 8, 2019

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Tabata Monday 7/8/19

Hello it is Monday! Lets start our week out with another Tabata to rev up our metabolism and burn those calories!

This weeks Tabata you need heavy and/or medium set of dumbbells, step/risers or a Plyo Box or for me, I have neither so I use my basement stairs.

Here’s the workout:

Round 1

  1. Squat Surrenders:
Imagine from spotepi.com

2. Box Jumps: I use my basement stairs and jump to the second stair.

Round 3

  1. Lateral Bench Step Ups: (a) hold a dumbbell in each hand (b) place your left foot on the bench (c) press from your heel and raise your right foot to a 45-degree angle. (d) return your right foot to the ground and repeat. *do 2 cycles per side

Round 4

  1. Twisting Pistons:

2. Jackknife Abs: (a) lie flat on the floor with your arms overhead and lies straight out (b)raise your legs and arm to meet in the middle-legs should be at an 45-degree angle and arms parallel to your legs (c) return to starting position and repeat

Round 6

  1. Car Drivers: (a) raise one dumbbell so that the arms are straight and at chest level (b) rotate the dumbbell like you’re driving a car *do not drop the weight until the 20 seconds are up.
  2. Single-leg Scarecrows:
Imagine from Popsugar.com

Remember if you aren’t familiar with an exercise, you can ask me.

HAPPY MONDAY and kick butt!

July 6, 2019

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A Quick Saturday Workout

If I workout on the weekends, it’s usually a quick one. Plus it’s most likely including running and I’m not enthusiastic about running.

My typical running routine is usually short and/or broken up with body weight exercises.

Here’s my workout I did this morning:

Run 1 mile

50 lunges

20 squats

10 squats with pulse

10 squats slow down & fast up

10 squats fast down & slow up

30 tricep dips

30 per leg Bulgarian split squats

30 incline push ups


It took me about 24 minutes to finish. Maybe less if I count the interruptions #momlife

I want to share my after picture of me because this is me baring myself to y’all-pouring sweat, soaked sweaty hair, blotchy red face and no makeup (it’s not feasible to wear makeup when you sweat like me).

I want to be real, I wish I didn’t sweat and look like a mess after working out. I will never be that girl who can workout with her makeup looking perfect from beginning to end and the hair that never moves out of place.

No, I’m the girl that looks like she kicked butt and burned calories. I may stink and look rough, but I’m killing my routine and refusing to let my outward appearance stop me.

And it’s funny to shock people when they see me with makeup and my hair down, “Kimberly, you look so different with your hair down. You look pretty.” 😁

Sweat your butt off but get it done, and then take a shower. Most importantly continue enjoying your weekend!

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