August 16, 2019

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I believe I have shared how I started my fitness journey by running once or twice a week.  I didn’t do anything “crazy.”  I didn’t have too.  I had always been small and I could easily lose weight when I needed to.

Then in 2015, my husband convinced me to sign up for a Spartan Super Race, that’s an 8+mile obstacle course race.  I don’t think I have had ever ran more than 3 miles in my life at that point. 

I tried to prepare for the race, but to be honest I only incorporated small weights and a little more cardio.  

Race day came–I struggled and I failed many of the obstacles. I lacked the upper body strength, endurance and most importantly the belief in myself.

Instead of quitting, claiming myself a failure, I signed up immediately for next year’s race.  I decided I wanted and would do better the next year.
I started to attend fitness classes, going to the gym more, learning new exercises and routines.  The biggest change was my self-doubt in fitness.

Side Note: I am very self-conscious, full of self-doubt person. I am not radiating confidence. However, when it comes to fitness, I believe in myself, my talents, my strengths, and my determination. When I finally found my passion, I also found my inner-belief of myself–while when I am at the gym or working out. It’s however a slow change to convince myself that all of me is awesome.

2016 race quickly came and I did a little better.  I ran harder, longer and I conquered a few obstacles I had failed the year before.

I wasn’t satisfied.  I knew I could do better.  To be honest, I wanted to conquer those monkey bars!

In 2017, I amazed myself during the race.  I had a stronger upper body and I demolished the monkey bars, the Hercules, and the new Twister (HORRIBLE obstacle).  Also, I was 9 weeks pregnant with my 3rd kid.  Yes, I am bragging and I deserve too.  **I was careful and listened to body during the race**

I finally felt like I achieved my goal.  I was able to find the strength physically and mentally that the past me never had. In the past I was “skinny,’ but that didn’t mean that I was healthy. 

When I think of those years, 2015-2017, I think of a person learning about herself and her abilities. Someone finally working to better herself and in the progress finding her passion.

I am still a work in progress and I will always strive to be better than yesterday.

August 12, 2019

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HIIT Circuit Workout

I’ve decided to not only do Tabata on Monday, but share my other favorite Monday workouts.

Today I am sharing a workout that will make you sweat and leave you feeling exhausted but accomplished.

This workout is designed to have limited rest breaks. Try to not take a break during the circuits, onlt between each circuit. I suggest setting a timer for 45 minutes and your goal is to finish the circuit training before the time is up.

If you do this circuit at the gym:

  • 40-seconds of Cardio: Run on a treadmill, climb the stair stepper, or jump on the rowing machine.
  • Strength Training: set up heavy dumbbells, kettlebell or barbells (or all of them) next to your cardio equipment.

If you are at your house:

  • 40-seconds of Cardio: run stairs, run your driveway or alternate between fast feet, squat jumps, jump rope, burpees, etc.
  • Strength Training: same set up as at the gym

Here’s the workout:

To break it down:

Circuit 1:

  • 40-seconds of cardio
  • 10 squat thrust
  • 40-seconds of cardio
  • 10 squat thrust
  • 40-seconds of cardio
  • 10 squat thrust

I hope this workout makes your burn those calories, build your strength and stamina!

Remember I love to hear from y’all so comment, share, or like my post.

August 5, 2019

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Tabata Monday 8/5

I am in shock that’s it is August. We went school shopping and now the countdown till the first day of school has started.

Now I feel the need to do as much as possible, to fully enjoy the last days of summer– go to the pool a few more times, go to the zoo, or to a waterpark.

School time does make it easier for me on my daily routine, especially my workouts.

Now lets talk about today’s Tabata. I planned a workout in which you complete weight training exercise (isotonic) for 4 round then the next 4 rounds are isometric holds with or without pulses to work the muscle in a different way.

Isometric exercises is in the strength training family, but its purpose is to have the muscle stay contracted (tensing the muscle or shorten the muscle) for a period of time.

Fun fact the Greek meaning of Isometric: “iso” means equal and “metron”, means measure, hence “having equal measurement”.

Then I threw in some cardio to exhaust the lower body in round 3 and cardio to exhaust the upper body in round 7. Of course to make sure we finish strong by ending with a full body cardio in round 8.

Round 4:

-Spider-Man planks: can be done on your forearms or full extended plank

Round 5:

Serving Tray:

Round 7:


Round 8:

-Crocodile Walk: this is new to me and it’s HARD. Your goal is to stay low in a tricep push up and alternate the arms and legs crawling forward. After 4 rounds, I could barley get myself up lol. You can modify with bear crawls.

August 3, 2019


The gift from my child

I am a very insecure person.  Part of my daily prayers is for God to guide me and give me the strength to overcome my insecurities.  

I battle anxiety in social situations and then I battle myself afterward with my analysis over everything that was said or happened.  

I don’t think I will ever fully overcome my issues, but my belief is that God is guiding me to see my wrongful thoughts, to stop me from thinking I am not enough and show me a better way to see myself and the world around me.  

I’ve been doing this blog for about a month.  In a month, I can honestly say I have been riding a rollercoaster.

My highs are when I fully accept that I am doing this blog mainly for me.  To teach me to be more open, to face my fears of rejection and to share my passion for fitness.  

My lows are when I feel like maybe I misunderstood God.  That isn’t for me.  No one wants to follow me or listen to me.  I am an idiot who needs to stay in her place as the shy, quiet girl in the corner and stay there.

I just reread that paragraph and I want to laugh at how wrong I am about that thought because I have seen my own positive changes in myself this past month.

For years, I have cried to God for help to make me not afraid of myself.  To learn to love me.  This is how I am learning, to bare my inner thoughts to anyone who reads is allowing myself to see how I need to change.

I need to speak my mind more often because maybe my words could help someone. By sharing my workouts and my own fitness journey, I can and will connect to others. I am worthy—my thoughts, my talents, and my qualities may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean I am worthless.

I don’t want to be that “nice” girl anymore, because she isn’t listening to what God says I am worth.

Since my middle child was a toddler, he never second-guessed who he was—he is stubborn, strong-willed, but he loves fiercely.  As his parent sometimes it is hard to look at his strong-willed heart and smile.  However, I know he is his true self at all times.  

In this picture, it is a hot summer day. I informed him that it was to hot for boots and that his shorts were on backward. Also, he refuses to get his haircut. I was able to capture the perfect picture of his reaction to my opinions.

The reason I tell y’all about my middle child is that I envy him.  I want to have his assertiveness.  I want to walk in a room full of people, without a doubt of who I am–of my clothes, my hair or who I am on the inside.  

I try to remind myself constantly of my Papaw’s favorite saying, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.” My middle child has never heard that saying, yet he lives by it.

I want to be like my child by taking your opinion like a grain of salt. To love myself and therefore if you love me, in return I will love you with ferocity.

I want to be that person who knows she is a child God, He is the only one I should always turn to for approval, the only one who can truly judge me and who will always love me for who I am.

I wrote these verses down to remind myself that God is my king and my protector. I need to turn to Him to rise myself up when I am struggling.

” I love you, Lord, my strength.  The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliever, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

-Psalms 18:1-3

July 29, 2019

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Tabata Remix

I like routine, but I also don’t care for it. It gets boring and I need a little change-up. That’s why Monday is usually a high intensity workout, 80% of the time being Tabata, but sometimes I’ve got to add a little change to my plan.

Today we will be doing a full-body strength circuit with cardio Tabata intervals in between the strength circuits.

Here’s the workout:

The strength rounds are 4 exercises for 1 minute.

1-minute rounds work on strength but also endurance. Pace yourself because you don’t want to exhaust the muscles before the minute is up.

I didn’t include rest intervals, but DO take rest!

Rest is important to allows restoration of your energy source, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). I would probably do a horrible explanation of ATP, so basically what you need to know is that taking rest between sets is when your body replenishes your ATP, thus the amount of rest taken equals how much energy is available for the following set.

To clarify, because Tabata doesn’t provide long rest periods, but why this is ok.

Tabata is high power with short durations exercise that causes your body to use the ATP-PC (Adenosine triphosphate-phosphocreatine), but then the glycolytic system begins to work.

This causes the anaerobic energy system to begin by breaking down parts of our muscle glycogen to form ATP. Our muscles receive more energy, but we also experience that “burn” caused by lactate and hydrogen ion secretion.

Thus you can perform longer with less rest in this zone, but you can’t lift as heavy.

Somehow I went down the rabbit hole in explaining ATP.

Okay, I would suggest taking a 30-second rest between strength exercise and 1-minute break after the Tabata rounds. OR if you need more rest, take it. Listen to your body, let your ATP reload and then you can give your 100%.

July 26, 2019

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Why make a healthier you seem complicated?

I know you seen that title, Steps to a Healthier You!

Well, guess what? Here are my 2 steps for beginning the process to a healthier you.

Do you think of people like me are crazy or cocky for saying I am addicted to working out? How I can’t go too long without a workout?

I may be crazy, but I am far from cocky. Nope, my secret is I changed my mindset and outlook on fitness. Did it happen over night? Heck no!

I went from a 15-year-old girl running 2-3 miles a few times a week to a 27-year-old slowly incorporating weights. Somewhere after 27, I took a huge leap to do anything I could try. I took classes, spent hours on Pinterest and googling ideas for my next workout, and following fitness blogs and Instagrams.

However, when I hit that stage at 27 of wanting to explore more fitness outlets, I still struggled to change my mindset. I remember trying burpees at one point and I couldn’t do more than 3. I felt like a failure and thought about how I could never imagine doing 10. I wanted to avoid the things that seemed impossible, hard or well scary.

I could have made excuses, but I knew I needed to challenge myself if I wanted to have a continuous change in my body, my strength and mental capability. So, I made the goal to do 20 burpees. When I look back, that was one of my hardest goals to achieve and it took time. 

Every time I am in Chattanooga, I see this Marine’s billboard. I love it! I need it posted in my house to remind myself every day that I am the only one holding myself back. If I listen to the I can’ts then I will never have the chance to experience the emotions of triumph.

That leads to the next step #2: make small, realistic goals for yourself. Wait, what? The most important part of that is I said for YOURSELF. You can’t change your mindset if you aren’t doing this fully for yourself. You aren’t in competition with anyone else but YOU.

You have to see yourself as the obstacle, you have to overcome your past self to make a better you. Start small with your goals, because if you make too large of expectations, your mindset and/or body isn’t at that level to achieve them. Your picturing instant perfection, and when a few failures hit and your perfect image is smashed, you may quit.

Here’s my example of when I struggled with my past self and having to lower my expectations because life became difficult.

When my 3rd child was about 4 months old we moved over an hour away to a new house. Let me give you my list of how life got hard and the possible whys of how I could have quit working out:

  1. No local gym with childcare
  2. It was summertime-kids home all day
  3. I had a 4 month old baby
  4. Sleep deprived
  5. Breast feeding issues
  6. Unpacking a new house
  7. Fix issues at new house
  8. A Sick dog
  9. New town-knew no one or anything about it
  10. Depressed

I was struggling, but I refused to let that list stop me. My mindset knew the importance of my fitness. Plus I knew an important fact:

You’re welcome, husband!

Ok, back to the serious stuff.

I set a goal to workout 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I had to transit to working out at home during nap times, so I had to learn to be more flexible. I think that was the hardest step.

I chose less strenuous workouts for those days I felt like I had no energy to give, but I still did something. Other days, I did HIIT workouts to rebuild my cardiovascular threshold, I chose to build my muscular endurance over strength since I had to adapt to a home gym with less equipment.

I am 32 years old and I know this process is ever going. I will never stop my desire to reach new fitness goals because now it’s ingrained in me, but I will have times where life is hard, and things will change. But I have overcome my own mental battles of wanting to allow defeat, and I have proved that I AM STRONGER than my past self.

You will be too! If today is day 1 of your fitness journey, remember it’s hard today, but years down the road, the new you will shock you. You are on this journey to not only change physically but mentally.

Now for my new jam for getting into the workout mindset is Fitness by Lizzo.

Disclaimer: explicit language in the song

July 22, 2019

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Resistance Band Tabata 7/22

It’s been about 4 days since I’ve had a full workout. I went to visit family, enjoyed my time immensely, but I am ready to get back into my routine.

Over my weekend away, I did a quick mini band lower body workout that I posted a few days ago. This made me want to pull out my large resistance bands and have some fun.

I own Stroops Slastix Toner bands, light, and medium resistances, and I love them. These bands have sleeves coving the elastic bands for safety and to increase durability. I personally have experienced a non-sleeve band breaking on me. OUCH!

Think of a large rubber band snapping and hitting you. I was lucky that it was not severe damage, only a whelp on my back. I attest to paying extra for this brand.

Check out their website-I am eye balling a few items that sound myself.

For this Tabata, grab your large resistance bands and some dumbbells. Lets go!

Round 1:

  1. High knees with Resistance Bands overhead-create a tension overhead with band. The picture below demonstrates–you can wrap the bands to reduced hanging straps. While holding the bands overhead, run those high knees.

Round 2:

  1. Band Wood chop:

2. Lunge with rotation is with a dumbbell

Round 4:

  1. Band High Pulls: a front row with the resistance bands
  2. Band Lat Pull downs:

Round 5:

2. Jumping Jacks with a band:

I took some of my own pictures for this workout! That’s a big deal because my anxiety was in overload. I fought through it, yes I am not in love with the pictures, but I did it.

I know I will continue to gain belief in myself, to learn from my mistakes and grow in the digital area, but it will take time.

It’s Monday, I am smiling and ready to start the week off strong.

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